Introduction to the DATO Methods

Define, Analyse, test and optimize your transformation journey

The DATO Methods represent an innovative approach, guiding businesses through complex transformation projects. Developed by expert Suzanne van der Horst, these methods seamlessly combine proven project management techniques with insights from coaching and systemic work. Consequently, they aim to provide a holistic approach that influences every organizational layer, from core mission to individual behaviors and skills.

The Four Steps of DATO:

  • Define: Setting a clear and measurable goal is essential for any transformation project.
  • Analyze: Conducting a thorough analysis of the current situation to determine the correct strategic direction.
  • Test: Implementing and testing changes on a smaller scale to evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Optimization: Broad implementation of successful strategies, with continuous evaluation and adjustment.

The Unique Value of DATO

Unlike many traditional approaches that focus on isolated aspects like IT or processes, the DATO Methods offer a comprehensive view of organizational transformation. Moreover, this approach engages all organizational levels, ensuring both immediate improvements and long-term success.


Now more than ever, organizations need a reliable partner well-versed in transformation processes. The DATO Methods from DATO Management provide a proven, holistic framework for successful and sustainable change. Therefore, we are ready to guide you through the transformation’s challenges and opportunities with an innovative and effective approach.

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