A deep dive into organizational development: Innovative transformation at ASML

Leaders focused on sustainable growth and innovation need to look beyond traditional development methods. Yvonne van Kaathoven from DailyLean and I led a groundbreaking session at ASML on a rainy spring day. Erik Stultjens and Marielle Boelhouwers from Wey Strategy Realization made this possible. Our approach broke with conventions and offered a new perspective on transformation.

Traditional methods vs. transformative approach

Many companies rely on familiar strategies such as workshops and data analysis. These target immediate challenges. At ASML, however, we opted for organizational constellations. This method delves deeper into the dynamics of the organization. It not only provides current solutions but also prepares the organization for future challenges.

The Power of organizational constellations

Together with Paul Enders from ASML and 16 participants, we explored the core challenges of the ASML ecosystem. We assigned roles and simulated scenarios. This helped us not only discover existing patterns but also future solutions. This method goes beyond traditional changes. It focuses on the long term and reconsiders the organizational culture, mission, and vision.

Strategic transformation for future growth

Our session at ASML demonstrated the importance of transformative methods. These go beyond daily operations and focus on profound renewal. This is essential for leaders who want to prepare their organization for future growth and innovation. By involving participants in creating a vision for the future, we laid the groundwork for lasting change.

Conclusion: Opting for long-term success

The session at ASML highlighted the importance of new approaches such as organizational constellations. These can be crucial for revealing deep dynamics and fostering strategic insights. The final effects and applications have yet to be determined. However, the experience provides a valuable foundation for future strategies. It remains to be seen how these insights will translate into long-term changes. Yet, the involvement and responses of the participants suggest a promising direction for further development.

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